Work With Me

There are a number of different ways I can add value to your business, it just depends on what you’re after:

If you’re looking for extra insights, training and ‘everything that I have’ in one place, to teach yourself, and then to grow your business, head over to the Solo Journey Community – The Solo Journey Community for Entrepreneurs.

If you want one-on-one help for me to give you tailored support on your journey of growth and success, then my consulting practice is The Profit Partnership – find out more here: The Profit Partnership with Jamie McKean

Last (but not least) is my Whiteboard Marketing.

You spend 1-2 hours a month with me (and my whiteboard) – in person or remotely – and we can design a Marketing Campaign each month together. From there, my team will then fully build, implement, send to you for review and then I will personally click the big green GO button for you.

My Whiteboard Marketing service means you:

  • Know you’re getting top Business Growth Expertise
  • Can use your time focussed on what you’re good at
  • Are literally hands-off in the growth of your Marketing capability

…imagine adding a Marketing Department, who you really only need to talk to once a month, who keep coming back with results: Again and again.

How much would a turnkey marketing department cost? Starting from $2.4K a month (price dependant on what we do together), with a 90 day safety net for both you and I to make sure we’re getting the results we both expect.

The first step in both The Profit Partnership and Whiteboard Marketing is to setup a 15 minute session with me, and we’ll see if there’s a fit. If there is, I’ll explain the next steps from there for you.

Click here to have a chat with me: Automagical Booking System

Look forward to helping you grow,

Warm regards