The Faster Journey

The Mastermind for Solo Entrepreneurs who want to move Faster than most…

…that’s why it’s called:

The Faster Journey

Note: The Faster Journey is now closed to new applicants.

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To find out more about The Faster Journey, Press on the Play Button and Listen to find out if this is right for you:

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What can I expect from being a member?

Listen to the above audio – I’ll walk you through all you need to know

The Questions You’ll Be Asking…

When’s it held?

Every Thursday at 8:00PM GMT.  I am flexible with this if the Mastermind agrees there is a better time.

(that’s Friday at 9:00AM NZT and Thursday 15:00 EST)

How often is it held?


How is it held?

Via Teleseminar. All you need is either an internet connected machine, or a phone to dial in.

Who will be in the group?

Other like-minded Solo Entrepreneurs who want to get ahead, help each other and move quicker than most others around them AND are prolific action takers. And those who’ve had a one-on-one session with me to ensure suitability. Imagine how quickly you can get ahead with a group of like minded others – learning quicker, avoiding common mistakes… that’s just two key reasons!!

What’s the format?

Each week, I’ll facilitate group accountability. You’ll come to the table with what you’re going to get done, report on what you’ve achieved in the past week, and raise any challenges you need help with to myself and the group.

How long does the weekly session go for?

As long as it needs to cover everyone on the call. Typically 60-90-minutes.

Do I have to stay for the duration?

No, But from experience I’ve found that you can learn from what others are going through, so you will usually find extra insights from being part of the entire call.

Is it recorded?

Yes, but the recordings are only available by request to those on the call in case they have an ‘a-ha’ moment and want to listen back to what they said, how they said it – how many times have you said “I wish I could replay what I just said” – now you can.

How much does it cost?

The next intake is $599 recurring every 30-days

Should I be excited?

If you’re someone who wants to move very quickly, and learn from others who’ve been there and done that, to save you time, effort and money in achieving more, you’ll already be excited – let’s just make sure I know I can bring you massive results hey?

This is who’s in the group:

  • Action Takers
  • Who Want To Get Ahead
  • Quickly.

What Happens If I Have More Questions?

Not a problem, feel free to email me with any questions: jamie (at) jamiemckean (dot) com

Here’s How To Apply:

New Member intake expected in Jan/Feb 2013 – to register your interest, just fill out this form to be notified first of available slots: