That Life Changing Moment

There is a moment in your life that you’ll likely look back on – whether an altercation at work, watching someone else achieve something great, a nagging/gnawring feeling that just won’t go away or just having the courage to say enough is enough.

What was yours?

What was it for you?

For me I think it was all of the above.

But that all came together when I read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth.

I can still remember where I was, in the main bedroom of our home, lying on the bed, reading. It was 2005.

What it did for me

At that moment, I said to myself:

That makes so much sense!

That’s why so many businesses fail.

Why you might fail

So many business owners who have the passion, desire, committment, and everything else that you think you need to succeed – why they fail.

And so in that moment, I decided to commit myself to help those who want to live life on their terms. Who want to run their own business. I’m going to help them succeed.

I just wasn’t sure how at that moment.

But I knew I wanted to make a difference.

Fast forward to today.

Every decision I’ve made from then to now has been focused on the single outcome of helping others.

The countries I’ve visited, the companies I’ve helped, the lessons I’ve learnt, the extra scars I’ve put on my own back…

…all from this one book.

Have you read it yet?

If you haven’t read it yet, you can likely imagine that its on my recommended books list, but get yourself a copy.

Whether its paperback, kindle, audible – I actually think I have all three – but if you’re just starting out, and you want to save yourself a lot of headaches by using other people’s hindsight, get this book (as a starter to many that you’ll want to consume on your own Solo Journey).

I heard a saying recently that resonated:
In 5 years we’ll be the same people we are today, apart from the books we read and the people we meet.

Have a read of this – if you haven’t already:

You have read it? Great. Well done.

Recently? No? Read it again.

Are You Looking For More?

If it was recent, you’ll know that you’re great at one of the three pieces you need to be successful. But you’ve realised you want some help with the rest. That’s why I’ve created this page, and this website. Welcome to the Solo Journey. :)

I’m here to serve you.

Whether with my weekly articles you can sign up for (it’s free!), the Products that I’ve put together over the past number of years (they’re not free!) – I’ve packaged the very best tools I’ve used in my consulting business – or if you choose to join the Solo Journey Community – Every course I have and others just like you all in one place.

It’s up to you.

After all, it is your journey.

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