Packaged Solutions For You

Here are a list of my most recent packaged solutions, aimed at helping you get ahead by bringing everything that works in my consulting business into a step-by-step format so you can get great results quickly:

#0 – Clarity

Do you know where you’re headed? Are you struggling to get moving? Perhaps you have a business that’s getting out of control, and you want to spend time with someone to give a fresh point of view? Maybe you have a group of products and you’re not sure how to join them together? Or you’re thinking of creating a marketing campaign and you’re not sure how much to spend, or where you should start? Those questions and many more are answered in my Get Clear session. Click on the Support Tab to get in touch, and find out if this is right for you.

#1 – Productivity

Starting with Personal Productivity: Jamie’s Productivity Pack is a collection of my very best tools that I share with my one on one consulting clients to help them get ahead, and now they’re all in one place to help you too (inside the Solo Journey) – find out more here: Join the Community.

#2 – Improve Your Marketing

Once you have more time in your day with the Productivity Pack, you’ll then want to look at ways to Improve Your Marketing. The best way to get started is to follow a step by step course that walks you through the different pieces you need to build to have a successful and sustainable marketing system in your business. I’ve tried most of them out there. There is one that works time and time again. So much so I worked with the creator of this world class marketing system, and now teach others. You can visit the Book Yourself Solid Summer School Website Here: World Leading Marketing System Now Online

#3 – Automate Your Marketing

Time and again, I would have professionals come to me and ask for technical help. Wondering the best way to do X or the quickest way to do Y. Perhaps how to build yourself a professional website (that looks like the in under an hour? What about setting up the best email system for you and your business, and it’ll only cost you $50 a year to run? Just a couple of examples of where I’ve hand picked the best technology that you need to get started (and in some cases to simplify your life) – that’s all in Jamie’s FastTrack, find out how to get access to FastTrack here: Join The Solo Journey Community


WhiteBoard Marketing – Click Here to find out more

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Online Marketing (via The Profit Partnership Online) – Websites, SEO, Google Advertising and more…