Kids: I couldn’t eat a whole one (…Challenges of Working from Home…)

Kids: I couldn’t eat a whole one (…Challenges of Working from Home…)

“Kids: I couldn’t eat a whole one”

It’s a strange saying that, isn’t it?

When you’ve pretty much had enough, and can’t stomach anymore – you turn to your better half and say: “Yes, I love them very much, but I couldn’t eat a whole one…”

In other words – I’ve had enough for now – thank you.

That was just last night

That was last night, at dinner time, two of our three daughters were testing limits… I wonder what happens if… as their inquisitive minds tried a few more things at the dinner table:

  • How far across the table can I cough my germs?
  • Does meat really fly if i flick it from the fork?
  • What would mash potatoes look like through my fingers…

That was last night.

As I write this the next morning, there are young screams coming from the car.

Screams from the Car

The girls are going to ‘singing and dancing’, and as they jostle for space in their own car seats there’s a misplaced elbow, an extra tight squeeze, or other illegal moves that would usually get a referee to interject…

Why am I sharing this with you?

Three reasons:
1. My therapist tells me its always good to share :)
2. The swings and roundabouts of working from home
3. Reminding yourself why you do it

Therapist tells me its good

The first reason is a sentence I use regularly when I’m sharing something personal – it makes me chuckle (and usually the person I’m talking to) – I don’t have a therapist (yet).

Swings and Roundabouts of a Home Based Business

The swings and roundabouts is more important. I’ve made a very deliberate decision to build my business where I can work from a home based office.

While I share some of the challenges that have happened just in the past few hours, they’re the reality of what a home based entrepreneur faces. The question is: How to best deal with those challenges?

That’s the better question.

And the answers will be very much in your own court. And then a great question to work out for yourself is:

When do you do your best work?

Before the family wake? When they go to bed?

Perhaps like me you have two natural energy peaks in a day (mine are approx. 930am and 430pm), and so I aim to build my most creative tasks into those slots.

But what happens when 430 turns into 5, and then dinner time has started and my daughters are knocking on the door saying “Daddy, dinner time!” – what then? You’re just getting into your flow…

Capture Creativity

That’s when you need a way to capture creativity on the run – I walk into my office and write things on the whiteboard, then get back to the dinner time routine.

Remember why you’ve chosen to do what you do

You might read this and think “Jamie, I’d just tell my kids to bugger off so I can concentrate on my work”

…and I have had my own share of those moments…

…but then I remind myself why I work from home: To spend more time with my family, to make sure that when my kids grow up, they see a lot more of their dad than most other kids their age.

A case in point: I just gave my three daughters a kiss as they drove off to their music. As the car drove off they were waving goodbye and shouting “love you daddy”…

It’s those little things you MUST keep reminding yourself about

They’re the reason why you’re working for yourself, to spend the extra time with them AND to build a lifestyle based business.

So how’s that going for you?

Would love to hear how you balance the work and life when you’re working from home, in case you can help others who visit here today…

Use the comments box below…

Bye for now, I’m off to have a sleep while the house is quiet… :)

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  • Kathleen

    Oh boy do I remember those days, or is it ‘daze!’ Our kids are all grown and out of the house . . . and how fast that happens so cherish each moment you have with your precious little ones! That being said, our 30 year old daughter has significant ‘challenges’ in the backwash of a childhood brain tumor, radiation and chemo etc. etc. She is typically with us every other weekend. When she IS here and/or when I am dealing with what I affectionately call the “Vanessa Factor” (endless advocacy, paperwork, etc.) it is SO easy to see it as a “distraction” if I’m not vigilant in keeping my priorities straight. For that reason, rather than life/work balance I have found it much more rewarding to think of it in terms of life/work alignment . . . alignment to what’s REALLY important to me in the bigger picture . . . WHY am I doing what I’m doing. Then it takes me from ‘distraction’ to a very important part of my WHY and I can let go of the other things that might distract me from THAT. Some days I do this better than others and I am learning the real meaning of the GRACE . . . if I could give you any gift it would be to fully embrace GRACE for yourself and your kids, your spouse, etc. You’ll be much more joyous, especially when all hell is breaking lose!

    • jamiemckean

      Thank you Kathleen for sharing… (and yes, I agree with ‘Daze’) :O)

  • Neelam Meetcha

    Wow Jamie, this post was written for me. I started working from home about a year ago, at first I absolutely loved it, then came the trauma of being disturbed by friends knocking for a cup of tea ( I don’t even drink tea) teenage daughters not appreciating that there is a clock in time even if I’m working from home!
    What really struck me about your post was that I forgot why I started working from home in the first place, to be with my family to spend more time with my children.
    The way that I balance my work and family is that when my husband is at work and my daughters are at work or at school, I dedicate those precious hours to working and being as productive as I can. come 3pm I start to winde down because I know my daughter will be back from school in a short while and it’s such a blessing to know that other business owners are going through the same things as I.
    Thank you for the post, it’s highlighted why I started in the first place and that it’s good to share with others as you have.

    • jamiemckean

      Thank you Neelam for your thanks, it’s really appreciated. :) Jamie