Entrepreneur Time Management – Distraction: One of the Biggest Success Killers?

Entrepreneur Time Management – Distraction: One of the Biggest Success Killers?

I realized something last night while I was thinking about what I’d done recently with The Solo Journey, and I wanted to share it with you as it’s helped me hugely in terms of my own time management as an Entrepreneur, and think it could likely help you too…

My wife and I were having dinner out.

A lovely meal for 2 and spending some quality adult time together – a rare occasion nowadays with the 3 young kids.

Aside from the comedy service we received (where the waiter spent so much time with us I was actually going to pull him up a chair as well!), we got to talking  about business, how things were going at the moment, and how productive I seemed to be recently…

…and that got me thinking…

…as I was talking through, that my recent decision to upgrade my computer has been a big part in my productivity gains.

Minimising Distraction by an Upgrade

The upgrade came about after reading a blog post from “How to Get Rich Slowly”, which talked about where people spend lots of money on one-off purchases.

You know the ones:

  • New trainers to run a marathon and you’ll only run it once,
  • A new bike to be part of a triathlon that you never ever get to,
  • A super top of the range tennis racket, but you only play twice a year…

…versus spending good money on something that you use day in and day out.

That spurred me to a decision to upgrade my computer. The thing I sit in front of for a large part of my day, every day.

So as I travelled through the US a few weeks back, I upgraded my computer.

Killing three birds with one stone:

1. New faster computer for me

2. My wife gets my technology hand-me-downs, so a new computer for her (that’s christmas done!) :)

3. About 30% cheaper buying it in the US versus in NZ

Not too shabby :)

The Before

Let’s look at what was happening before…

  • I’d sit at my computer, fixed on a certain task, let’s say I’d need Excel in this example…
  • Open up the computer (2-3 minutes load up time)
  • Click on Excel (and wait…)
  • It would take about 30 seconds to load up…

…In that time, my mind has wandered, I’ve now gone down a rabbit hole of ‘quicker’ tasks, leading me to a domino effect on other jobs, and an hour later I realise I haven’t done what I set out to do (assuming I remember what it was I sat down to do!!)

That was with a 13″ MacBook Aluminum 2008, 3GB RAM (the old).

The new acquisition is a 13″ MacBook Air, 2012, 8GB RAM, everything flash (the new).

The After

  • Now, I open my computer – its on (instant on)
  • I click on Excel, it’s open within 1-2 seconds
  • I jump straight into the task I wanted to get done
  • I finish task
  • I’m done
  • I review what I’ve planned to get done for the day, cross that off my list, and move onto the next task

A basic example yes, but if I think through the past few weeks of using the new machine, every task is similar:

I start what I want to start, then I finish it, then I move on.

An Example From Moments Ago

I’ve just decided to use Mass Pay to pay my team quicker – different countries, different currencies – bring it into one place to simplify my and their lives. A quick scan of the paypal pages, a click on Excel, a table created and ready – all done within a couple of minutes, whereas that would have taken 15-20 mins in the ‘before’ state.

This means less time in the office and more time with my family and in general just getting more done – more of the right things done.

A happy family, a happy team, a happy me – surely that many happy’s is a good thing, right? :)

Just from focusing on a single upgrade of one of my most used tools…

Prioritising What You Spend Your Money On

So let me ask you – is there a tool that you use for a large percentage of your day that could help you get more done, more quickly if you upgraded it?

This was one example from my business life – I just wanted to share the questions that came to mind that led to me writing this:

“Are you being distracted by yourself?” and ”What can you do to minimise that?”

You might be sitting there waiting yourself for your computer to do something and your mind wonders and off you go into a different topic – just like I did.

Distraction is a true success killer – especially when it’s you distracting yourself – you can sometimes be the hardest to control, because its only you who can do it…

One of the Four Main Distractions in Personal Productivity

Distracting yourself is just one of the four key distractions you can learn to manage, and I cover those inside the Productivity Training inside the Solo Journey Community – have you checked it out yet?

No? Click here: Join The Community Page

That’s it for me for now. I’ll speak to you soon.


p.s. would love to hear strategies you employ to stop distracting yourself – feel free to share…

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