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Let me tell you, in more detail, what to expect inside the Community:

What I’ve got for you

The Solo Journey Community has been designed with a single purpose: To help you succeed.

How? To give you a framework on how to succeed, and then the tools at each stage so you can implement them into your business.

Here’s an almost exhaustive list of what’s inside (with more being added weekly):

Improve Your Productivity

Using Jamie’s Productivity Pack - you can buy it here for $197, and it teaches you the How To’s for:

  • Goal Setting:
    • Set your goals, track yourself, a quadrant to print and use every day (that I give my 1 on 1 consulting clients),
    • Audio downloads so you can hear me walk through the how to’s with you so that you understand clearly, to implement for you
    • when you have Goals in place using a system that makes sense to you, you will achieve more than you ever have before.
  • Time Management:
    • How to identify where you’re wasting your time,
    • Understand the 4 key ‘things’ that slow you down from achieving your goals, and ways to overcome each of them.
    • Not only are there real world examples, but tools and templates available to help you implement these strategies within an hour, to get back hours each day.

Book Yourself Solid World Leading Business Building Marketing System

A step-by-step Marketing Intensive – you can buy it here for $497

The world class marketing system for your services business is all here in one place for you, step-by-step, session by session, whether video, audio, workbooks, mindmaps and me – all inside the Solo Journey Community to help you build a sustainable business building marketing system into your business.

This is a must if you want to:

  • Learn how to Market your services business
  • Leverage your time smartly, to get the best results in your Marketing, Sales and Delivery
  • Establish a solid marketing foundation so you get more clients
  • Build trust with your target audience and earn credibility within your marketplace
  • Learn hundreds of small business marketing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that work
  • Feel confident using smarter marketing methods in alignment with your core values
  • Notice a shift in your thinking and feel at ease marketing your products or service.

Jamie’s FastTrack – Helping You Get Ahead Online

The best tools for your business handpicked for you, so you can get the technology in place quickly, and focus on what you do well, rather than get dragged down with technology problems – you can sign up for FastTrack outside of the Solo Journey Community for $97 per month by clicking here.

Inside FastTrack You’ll Find:

  • The tools that you need:
    • handed to you on a plate,
    • so you can move away from the indecision of what to choose for your business,
    • and get the very best installed quickly,
    • even if you struggle with technology!
  • Step by step video walk through’s on how to setup the different pieces for your business, examples being:
    • How to Run A Webinar
    • How to Build a Website (yourself in less than 2 hours)
    • Email Marketing – How To, Why Should You, Quickest Way Forward
    • Squeeze Pages – Where, Why, What and How (setup in under an hour)
    • Social Media & SEO – The Basics, the options, should you even bother?
    • Backing up your business, the tool to install that’s free!
    • …and much, much more
These three entire packages are available inside the Solo Journey Community for only $67 a month:
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Other Extras on the Inside:

Extra Templates & How-To’s

As part of my journey building my business to its next level, I’ll be adding more templates that I share with my consulting clients, to help you in your business

Weekly Live Q&A + Training Calls 

There will be weekly live calls so I can spend time with you to help you get past any challenges you have, get unstuck, so you can keep moving forward in the right way.

The Other LikeMinded Entrepreneurs!!

And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow members, to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice from me. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again.

What’s it look like?

And would you like a sneak peak to see what the community looks like?

Here’s what current members see when they login:

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Get a complete Foundation in Productivity, Marketing and Technology!

Three core pieces of any business, on a plate for you, packaged up, all in one place: the Solo Journey Community.

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Testimonial for FastTrack

“We needed to implement a new email system. Rather than spending hours and hours figuring out what system is best, and then hours more getting to know all the tips and tricks, we used FastTrack. I watched a few simple videos and then set up our new system within minutes, and avoided all the common pitfalls, thanks to the advice in FastTrack” – Ross Barnett, Coombe Smith Chartered Accountants

Refunds & Guarantees

Just so you know, there are no refunds or guarantees. Why? Because at $67 a month, not only are you getting complete access to the $1,300+ in courses instantly, if I do offer a refund period, there will be a small core of people (I’m not saying you) who are perpetual refunders. It’s those people I do not want in this community. If I added the extra admin needed to cover refunds, I’d have to increase the monthly amount. I don’t want to do that.

If you can’t afford $67 a month, this isn’t right for you anyway.

To be honest with you, I want you to join and stay with me for a very long time. My plan is to keep adding hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of value, advice and templates to the community each month.

Money Back

How you can get your money back as part of the Solo Journey Community is by telling others once you’re a member. Every member is added to the affiliate programme, and for every person you tell who signs up, you make 33% of the subscription – invite 3 people who sign up, then your membership is technically free. Invite more than that, you start making a profit from me in another way (outside of everything you’ve learnt and implemented).

Just another way we can help each other, and you’re able to help me with my goal of helping a larger number of people over time.

Your Next Step Is Here

There is massive value inside of this Community, if you agree, get started below:


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