What’s Hidden In Your Business?

What’s Hidden In Your Business?

I was amazed this morning when I saw an article that talked about a nuclear test that happened before Hiroshima.

Did you realise too that there were other nuclear tests before the more famous (or infamous) one at Hiroshima?

In the article was also a video where one of the camera men who were filming this walked through their experience:

  • Not knowing what to expect
  • The huge tsunami wave crashing over the island
  • A cargo ship being consumed by the torrent
  • How they had to climb the nearest coconut trees with their heavy video cameras to escape with their lives…

…no one expected the size of the fall out that came from that underwater explosion.

Here’s the video : This is what happens when a nuclear explosion happens underwater

And it got me thinking about what I’ve seen in business.

How so many people (including myself a while ago) always think something inside their business isn’t going to be a big problem – that it won’t be a big impact if I just leave that for now… or put that off until next week… or get someone else to deal with it (abdicate rather than properly delegate).

Think through your business, and ask yourself:

Have you ever been engulfed by something you thought was going to be much smaller than it turned out to be?

Whether its cash flow or perhaps emotional?

And if you’re just getting started in business, make sure you map out what’s ahead of you, so you don’t build a business with lots of hidden ‘underwater surprises’.

My 6 Steps

That’s what I’ve been working on in my 6 steps to be able to flush this out to make sure there’s nothing hidden we don’t know about already. A methodical, yet easy way to understand your business. The areas that could bite you, and more importantly, the areas you can steadily, with more control, improve over time.

When you make those improvements, you’ll see more profits realised and more time made available for you (if that’s what you’re after).

If you want to find out more, I’m working through this with the Community Members of the Solo Journey. To find out how you can join in before I put the prices up, click here: Join the Solo Journey.

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