The Wrong Type of Adrenaline

The Wrong Type of Adrenaline

Adrenaline is great to help you get that edge.

That spark to keep you ahead of everything you have to keep ahead of, and ahead of others if that’s your thing too.

But getting adrenaline for the wrong reasons can be a pain in the bee-hind.

Case in point was me last night.

Hate is a Strong Word

You’ll rarely hear me use the word ‘hate’.

In my mind its used too liberally by too many – it’s got its place, but there has to be a good reason to use it.

I realised as worked through what happened last night is that I do hate something:

Making mistakes.

More importantly, making mistakes on client projects.

Mistakes on our own work or business is ok, in moderation, they’re expected, as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice.

How To Learn From Mistakes

Make a mistake, learn what you could have done to avoid it, update that part of your business to make sure that mistake never happens again, then move on from it and develop another piece of your business.

But making a mistake on a client project…


Actually that wasn’t the word that went through my mind (or came out of my mouth last night) – instead a stream of profanities as it dawned on me that one small thing missed just potentially made my client look bad.

So what happened next?

What Did I Do?

You need to understand how I both treat and respect my clients. I treat them like they are family. I want the very very best for them. And I only ever work with clients who I have a high level of respect for, for what they do.

So I work with professionals who are highly regarded in their own industries by those who follow them.

But when I caught the problem, after the fact, I (for a split second) literally panicked – the instinctive fight or flight response came over me:

Fight or Flight Instinct

“Do I switch everything off and drown my sorrows and deal with this tomorrow?” – was the first question I asked, and that lasted for about 3 seconds until I was able to control the emotions and replace it with logic:

“OK, the problem is X, what are the solutions?”

Emotional Intelligence – the 3 steps to control:

As a tip, on an emotional intelligence level, Emotions are 24 times more powerful than logic, so when you ‘lose it’ emotionally, do what you need to do to control your emotions, get yourself back to logic, and only then make decisions:

1. Emotions

2. Logic

3. Decision

(In that order)

Cold sweats and head in hands moments had passed.

I methodically worked through and identified what went wrong. Made the change. Tested it 3 times. Then restarted what I had originally set up.

Moments after doing that, I wrote the steps of what had happened, the issue and the resolution to my client (who was fast asleep and would wake up to this due to timezone differences).

What Came Out Of This?

It was 9pm my side, I now had a huge rush of adrenaline that had started at the fight or flight moment. It would last for the next 2 hours, which gave me time to start to re-read the E-Myth, and helped me shape how the Solo Journey will evolve – I’m just about to record a video to explain it to you.

I’m also going to spend time later today to do what we all should do when a mistake happens in business:

1. Learn what you could have done to avoid it – Create a step by step document

2. Update that part of your business to make sure that mistake never happens again – Pass it to the operational team & add checks to ensure the steps are followed with me as the final checker

3. Then move on to develop another part of the business.

That’s what this Solo Journey is about – sharing experiences from the real world of running a Solopreneur business, and how I’m improving mine, so you can benefit in your business along the way.

Bye for now,


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