Tools: Office Autopilot

Tools: Office Autopilot

Picking the right Email Marketing Tool at the start…

One of the key’s to successfully automating your marketing is having the right tools for the right tasks in your business.

If you’re an expert, a coach, or entrepreneur looking for an all in one system, Office AutoPilot is worth a look – and for a few good reasons that I’ll go through shortly.

I’m sharing this with you now because I’ve got a session with a client in the next hour as part of my Whiteboard Marketing offer – I’m about to help them put together their next marketing campaign – both the Marketing aspects, and then how we can shape Office Autopilot to deliver us great results.

As I sat here preparing for the session, it got me thinking about sharing Office Autopilot with more people.

Just Getting Started with Email Marketing?

If you’re just getting started though, check out Send Pepper – I recommend Send Pepper very often to both clients and others who ask me where to start – it’s Office Autopilots little brother – and when you grow your business sufficiently to make the most of Office Autopilot, its a simple one click upgrade, and all your marketing is in one place.


Send Pepper is here: Send Pepper

Now back to Office Autopilot.

Why Office Autopilot?

In the past 24 hours I’ve been asked 3 times whether someone should choose Infusionsoft or Office Autopilot.

These are two of the main ‘all-in-one’ business systems out there, and they seem to come up against each other in many conversations, for good reason.

Which is best for you?

The simple answer to which is: It depends, and, How much money & time do you have?

The ‘depends’ is “what business are you in? and what do you want to automate?”

If you already know these answers, then picking a tool is usually much easier (and more cost effective, because you only pick what you need today, versus paying too much in time or money with the wrong solution for your business (today)).

That’s why I receommend Send Pepper to most, as its a great entry level to start, easily upgradable with your business, and whilst it’s got a little learning curve, once you know the ‘how to’ its really easy.

If you want to learn a step by step on how to setup and use Send Pepper, I’ve covered this in my FastTrack training course, which is part of the Solo Journey Community (find out more here: Info).

Office Autopilot Pro’s

Here’s a list of Positives for Office AutoPilot:

1. Easy to use

2. Has lower levels so you can start sooner (ie Send Pepper)

3. Powerful in terms of segmentation

4. Great if/when/then logic to help you truly automate how to handle prospects

5. Task management for your team

6. Much quicker to deploy campaigns in Office Autopilot (compared to IS as an example)

The Negatives for Office Autopilot?

One of the main weaknesses would be its shopping cart, in terms of functionality and integration into a large list of payment gateways. It works well if you’re in the US, UK & Aus, but not so much if you’re in another part of the world (I’m in New Zealand and so have limited options). This is where you can replace the shopping cart feature with Nanacast. Nanacast will handle affiliates for you too really easily.

But like most tools, you want to either spend the time to get the best out of them, or speak to those who know what they’re doing, so they can give you advice (on either choice of tool, or how to get the best out of what you have already).

OK, I hope that helps – I’m going to spend a little more time preparing for my Whiteboard Marketing session now – I always enjoy helping people build their next automated Marketing Campaign…

Feel free to ask any questions below, or share your own experiences,

Bye for now


Links for you to check the tools out yourself:

1. Office AutoPilot: Click Here

2. Send Pepper: Click Here

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    Just found your site through Googling fellow resources for solo entrepreneurs. Thanks for the recommendation to check out Office AutoPilot- hadn’t heard of it before!