To Burn or to Bash…

To Burn or to Bash…

With everything in life there are choices.

The Choices Today:

With or without milk?

Cut corners or think a little more?

Automate from day 1, or be ready for that next step later?

To Burn (feedburner/feedblitz) or to Bash (Infusionsoft)…

…have you been wondering the same?… :)

…how to setup the next piece of your business right, right from the start?

The Answers So Far:

Well that’s the piece I’ve been working on today: “How to setup the next piece of my business”

And the answers were:

  • Without milk,
  • a little extra thinking,
  • and yes to automate from day 1 – Burn…

…but how?

More importantly, which tool(s)?

You see as I build The Solo Journey, I need to think through what my objective is for this site, and for the next 12 to 24 months of my business.

The Solo Journey itself is a culmination of 7 years of my experience all rolled into one, and now I’m asking: How can I package everything I’ve done so far:

  • Knowledge
  • Courses
  • Insights
  • Step by steps
  • (to name just a few)

Into one, to help as many Solo Entrepreneurs as possible?

And i’ve come up with the following:

1. A Weekly Blog, that I can focus on the writing, and once its setup, and I press ‘publish’, those who’ve subscribed will automagically get the updated insight, tip, trick, help (other cool names go here) – the writing will fit into the five categories I’ve spent 7 years consulting and teaching other business owners to implement


WordPress & Feedburner. One-off setups for both. No more work required. Just to focus on my writing now. Done.

2. A Community Forum – a place where other Solo Entrepreneurs can come together into one place, so I can add value when they need it, they can help each other, and I can put my Working Smarter (Productivity Pack), Marketing Improving (Book Yourself Solid) and Technology Streamlining (FastTrack) courses in one place – easy to access for those in the community, and easy for me to focus on creating great new content to help those on the inside.

WordPress & Vanilla Forums & Infusionsoft. Just ongoing updating of Vanilla to add the massive value. All else setup. Done.

Now that’s the technology bits in place, now to start building the community and the massive value…


Yes, me too :)

It’s been 7 years in the making… I can’t wait!!

See you soon…


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