I Love Leverage

I Love Leverage

“I Absolutely Love Leverage!”

Leverage is fantastic and once you can work out a way of how to put leverage into your business, you’ll never look back.

You’re going to need to be careful though when you do leverage that you do properly.

But let’s go back a step…

One Step Backwards Before Two Steps Forward with Leverage

What do I mean by leverage?

Leverage is when you can spend a small amount of time and get a great result. A bit like when in the olden days they used to use a very long piece of wood to be able to lift weights far in excess of the persons strength – a cantilever – that’s leverage.

But how can you put this into a business as an entrepreneur?

leverage yourself with technology

An Example of How To For You

An example is what I’ve just spent 15 minutes doing:

In 15 minutes I created six of my daily lessons for The Solo Journey.

That’s the 30 day training programme I’m putting together to help Solo Entrepreneurs get ahead – 6 lessons in 15 minutes.

Now, I wasn’t cutting corners.

I wasn’t rushing it.

I had the titles already lined up and I knew what I was going to talk about – and that’s exactly what I did.

I press record on my phone and I walked through exactly what I wanted to share as I though I was talking to one of my clients.

When I was finished, I emailed the audio file to my fantastic team.

My fantastic team will take the file, transcribe it, edit it, and then they’ll send it back to me for me to review it. Once I’ve given it the once over, either my team or I will load it into the Email Delivery system. In this instance I’m using Infusionsoft.

I don’t mind who loads it in – it really depends if I have some available time and if I want to. Or it might be a training opportunity for me to teach my team a little bit more about Infusionsoft.

But the Main Point About Leverage Is…

But the point there is 15 minutes to get six lessons completed. That’s the power of leverage.

And what that allows me to do then is spend a little bit more time instead of sitting there writing the lessons myself – probably taking me an hour, if not more, to write six.

And when it takes that long, I might get distracted by other tasks at hand, or children shouting “Daddy, come play with us!” – I likely would have gotten two done.

And by the way, two is the goal I gave myself today.

So to get six done I’m pretty stoked – I don’t even use the word stoked! All because of leverage.

Question For You

The question you want to ask yourself is how could you build leverage into your day?

How could you build leverage into your company?

You might not have a company, have a business a size that I have and have the team that I have but then you can use a service like fancy hands. A really inexpensive way to get extra stuff done: Fancy Hands

I use fancy hands us well as an extra service to get extra pieces done.

I’ve already written a blog post in the past of how they save me eight hundred dollars in one task.

Just Keep Looking…

It’s just looking for opportunities in your business how you can leverage you to save you having to do all the work, because as a business owner your job is to grow your business.

And if you do it right, you can give more work to more people and that helps be able to pay extra wages to others to help them grow their lives in their livelihood as well – it’s not just about you :)

As leaders that’s what we should be doing. As business owner’s, as Entrepreneurs that’s what we should be hoping to do.

So a lot live this with you of how can you add leverage into your business.

You Can Use Technology Too for Leverage

Okay, there’s going to be technology somewhere.

In the olden days it’s a cantilever, today its technology.

So as well as staff (or services like Fancy Hands) to help, how can you best use technology to take care of repetitive tasks for you?

Whether it’s a full run-your-business-for-you system like Infusionsoft or Office Autopilot, or smaller systems to leverage marketing and sales messages to those who are interested in what you have to offer – all are out there now to be taken advantage of (in a nice way).

Its different horses for different courses, but whichever path you’re on: Pick one, get going and get smart about it on what’s your productivity soar.

Got Your Own Tips On Leverage?

I’d love to hear tips that you have – Anything extra you can share with others about your own productivity in your own leverage.

It’d be great to hear.

So have a fantastic day!

I’m going to spend some time with my family.

Bye for now


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